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Sale OUTRE 3X Pre-Stretched Braid BABE 54"

OUTRE 3X Pre-Stretched Braid BABE 54"

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Color shown: Cherry Ombre + Orange Ombre + Yellow Ombre

Key features:

  • Vibrant, Bleed-Free Colors

  • Pre-Feathered for Natural Layers

  • Easy to Lock & Hold

  • Protective Style for All

  • 3X More Hair to Fuller Finish

  • Pre-Stretched for Easy Braiding

  • Extra Lightweight Wear

  • Hot Water Setting

  • Itch-Free Wear

Material: Synthetic

Length: 54"

Heat safe: 

Outre Synthetic Hair Braids Pre-stretched Braid 3X Babe 54"

Dare to make a loud, vibrant statement with protective styling as bright & bold as you want your hair to be. Made with premium bleed-free HDColor Technology, and designed lightweight and pre-stretched for easy braiding. Braid Babe™ is the braiding hair that will color your world.

Made with HDColor Technology
HDColor Technology is a special color fast technique on premium flame-retardant fibers for vibrant, bleed-free colors, and optimal styling performance.


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