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Sale (7pcs) BOBBI BOSS Bomba Box Braid

(7pcs) BOBBI BOSS Bomba Box Braid

1 Review
| 1 answered question
$29.99 $48.99

  • 12 Strands in a Pack
  • Premium Quality Flame Retardant Fiber
  • Crochet Interlocking: Time - Saving, Effortless Installation
  • Pre-Feathered: Flawless, natural appearance from root to tip
  • Crochet Interlocking: Time - Saving, Effortless Installation
  • Excellent Hot Water Setting: Create beautiful, defined curls in seconds
  • 1 Accent Threaded Braid: Beautiful metallic gold embellished braid for the ultimate accent
  • Wash with cool water
  • Soak hair using mild shampoo
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Do not brush hair
  • Let air dry completely

  • 1. Braid your hair into cornrows
  • 2. Slide the crochet hook through an area in your cornrow
  • 3. Hook the hair piece on the crochet needle and lock it
  • 4. Pull the hook back out, then tie the hair, pull, and secure lightly
  • 5. Repeat these steps around your full head to achieve your desired style.
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