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Sale [Isis] Brazilian Ruby Remi - Weaves

[ISIS] Brazilian Ruby Remi

$39.97 $49.99


Ruby Remi mirrors the many facets of Remi-Quality Hair with a glint of gloss sheen and the sparkle of luxuriously smooth hair.
The gemstone of the Red Carpet Premier line, Ruby Remi begins as high-quality hair that in shaped and polished to the vital vibrancy of top-quality Remi looks.

· Weaving Hair
· 100% Human Remi Hair
· Comes Straight in Pack
· Can Be Curled and Straightened
· Can Be Washed
· Available in Lengths 10s" - 18"
- We strongly suggest you to check our return policy before buying
- Nous vous suggérons fortement de vérifier notre politique de retour avant d'acheter

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