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    The Sensationnel brand continues to raise the bar and achieve greatness by providing women with luxurious and high-quality wigs, weaves, braids and other hair products. With their dedication to excellence, Sensationnel creates wigs and hair products that help women feel confident and radiant by elevating their natural beauty.

    Sensationnel Wigs - Materials

    Sensationnel wigs, weaves and braids are made using a variety of high-quality materials, in order to accommodate each individual’s preferences:

    • Virgin Human Hair: This is 100% human hair that has never been chemically treated. No dyes, no coloring, and no perms. It’s natural, strong, and the best quality of human hair on the market.
    • Remy (or Remi) Hair: Remy hair is human hair that has been collected in a way that preserves its natural direction of growth and processed after harvesting. Because it maintains its natural texture pattern and cuticle direction, remy hair is soft and silky and avoids tangling.
    • Yaki Hair: While Remy refers to the grade of hair, Yaki refers to the texture of hair extensions. Yaki hair can be designed into various styles, such as coarse, wavy, and chemically relaxed. One hair extension can be sourced from many donors.
    • Heat-Resistant Fiber: Using specialty treated fibers, heat-resistant wigs allow wearers to style their wig with a curling iron and hair dryer, which was once an impossibility.
    • Synthetic Fiber: A synthetic fiber wig cannot be treated with heat, but it can be cold-rolled or finger-styled using products designed for synthetic fibers. With good maintenance, synthetic wigs can generally last for four to six months.

    From long, straight hair to short pixie cuts, Sensationnel wigs come in all sorts of lengths and styles.

    Types of Wigs

    Women around the world, from all walks of life, can go about their day with a new Sensationnel wig that suits their mood and personality.

    Many women prefer using lace wigs because they provide a more natural look, especially at the hairline. They’re comfortable to wear. Women can choose a full lace wig where the wig’s base is made of lace, which can be modified to suit each wearer’s skin tone and head shape. Full lace wigs make it possible for the wearer to have scalp braids or cornrows in addition to half-up or half-down styles.

    A lace front wig has the lace base only at the front of the wig compared to a full lace wig. The benefit of this is that the wearer can create a part at the front. Sensationnel lace front wigs often have a drawstring to adjust the wig to your head and keep the part you want.

    Full wigs are commonly worn, but women also have the option of a half wig. Half wigs can come with a bandana and be styled in down or up-dos. This type of wig can be beneficial during warmer periods of the year.

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    Whether you want bodacious and bouncy curls or a sleek and smooth finish, Hera Beauty has what you’re looking for and more! From bold and beautiful to sweet and summery, Sensationnel wigs let you decide!

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