Baby hair is something all women have to deal with in some way, shape or form, no matter your hair texture. This is especially true for black and latinx communities. While some people try to tame their stubborn baby hairs, and others opt to shave or wax them off completely (we recommend you don’t do that), there is another option: you could celebrate them instead! 

After all, those fine hairs are a completely normal part of natural hair growth, and represent an opportunity to take your hairline game to the next level! You can style your baby hair in many ways, even making them a focal point of your hairstyle if you want.

On that note, to learn how to style baby hairs, you need advice from the professionals, ones that know all about the latest fashion trends, tools, products and baby hair styling techniques. If that’s you, then you’re in the right place!

What to do with baby hair

So you’ve decided to celebrate those glorious baby hairs of yours - great! Now it’s time to get down to business. How should you style those wispy hairs into something artistic?

Edge Styling Products

In the hair industry, the shorter strands of hair along the hairline and forehead (called baby hair by most people) are referred to as edges. Styling those baby hairs into artistic edges that really make your hair pop is an art all to itself. 

Having a certain amount of edge control is necessary if you want your baby hairs to stand out in a good way, which means you need the right edge control styling products. What are those products? The products vary and your choice will depend on how you want to style your baby hairs, but mostly they will include elements like gels, hairsprays, creams and pastes. 

Edge Styling Tools

To apply those styling products, you’ll need to use the right tools too. You’ll want to find the right comb to gently brush that hair or the curling tool to style it, depending on the length of your baby hairs and the extent of your edge ambitions. 

In our other blog article “How to Tame Baby Hair”, we describe some tips and tricks that will help you get a handle on those baby hairs if you’re trying to tame them, but below, we’ll discuss some styling tips if you want to bring your baby hairs to center-stage. 

However, before you begin, it’s important to remember some of the things you should not do. Our research tells us that it’s best to avoid using oil-based edge control. Why? Because those products have a soft hold, and you’ll sweat through them during the day! 

Edge Styling and Shaping

Below, we’ll describe some specific looks you can try out. But in order to shape those looks properly and keep them in place, you need to know to actually shape them. 

We highly recommend using a baby brush or even a toothbrush to gently smooth your hair down after spraying the brush with some firm-hold hairspray. After the product is in place, a tool like rattail comb can help you design the final shape. You can also use your fingers to do that, but much depends on your specific hair type. Thicker strands react differently than thinner hair, and so you’ll have to find the right mix of techniques that work best for you. 

One thing is for sure, once you’ve gotten the look into place, a silk scarf or satin wrap can do wonders. Cover the newly styled baby hairs, and then use a blow dryer to dry them. Just make sure the heat isn’t on too high - that could result in those baby hairs to turn back into unmanageable dry strands you started with!. Once the baby hairs are dry, you’re ready to go!

Different Looks for your Baby Hair


Rainbow Arches


We love this look, with little rainbow arches styled across the forehead. It’s not exactly the most complex design, but that’s ok! You should be able to take this one with some edge control and a brush - as long as you love it, we love it!

Half-Up, Half-Down


Sometimes less is more, and this look is a great example. You can see that this Instagram beauty only defined her edges in one area, near her temple. The result is stunning, and these baby hairs act as an accent, rather than taking center stage.



Rhinestone Cowgirl


While simple can be a great look, sometimes you’ve gotta go all out and swing for the fences! This look combines looped edges with tiny rhinestones at the end of each loop. Definitely not a look for beginners, but with the right products and some practice, this could be a way to truly stand out.

Long and Luscious

We love these loose waves and longer tendrils working their way down the side of Saweetie’s face here. Of course, baby hairs are supposed to be short, and these hairs are actually quite mature. But everyone has a different style and a different definition of baby hair. You do you!

Long and Luscious


Upwards and Onwards


Not all baby hair styles need to be angled downwards or curled up into intricate shapes. Sometimes using a little bit of gel and a soft brush (followed by a quick blow dry without too much heat) is all you need. This swept-up look are all shaped in the same direction, and really adds to this particular model’s up-do. 

Wicked and Wispy

Jenny from the block has brushed her baby hairs forward in this look, slightly curving the ends to create a wispy set of bangs. This look might not work for everyone, but it’s certainly working for our girl Jenny!

Wicked and Wispy

Find a Style that Works for You!

In the end, the best way to find the baby hair style that fits you is to experiment. Try out a few looks, research using Instagram, check out the stars at hollywood events or in magazines, and try to imitate the looks you love best. After all, they say that imitation is the finest form of flattery.