Love it or hate it, most women will find themselves spending a significant amount of time working on their hair care routine and styling. Doing your hair can be a joy, but also a challenge.  One thing that can make things harder? Baby hair. 

The baby hairs we’re talking about are not the soft, adorable curls you would find on a newborn. No, we’re talking about those pesky, frizzy baby hairs on your forehead or hairline, the result of new hair growth. How do you keep them in line? Read on to find out!

Use hairspray…and a toothbrush?


One of the easiest ways to tame those stubborn baby hairs is to use hairspray and a special tool to keep all the baby hairs exactly where you want them. That special tool can be a toothbrush, but it can also be a rat tail comb or a mascara wand. 

Our advice? If you’re going to use the toothbrush, don’t use the one you typically reserve for your mouth! Use an old one, and make sure to keep it out of reach so you don’t accidentally brush your teeth with it! 

Spray the hair spray directly onto your toothbrush and gently get those wispy strands into the style you want, or spray your hair directly and gently brush the baby hairs into place. It’s that easy. If you don’t have hairspray, use some styling gel - anything to get that flyaway hair in line.

Too much heat is not your friend


A blow dryer, if used correctly, can help you get a handle on those pesky baby hairs, but heat styling can be dangerous for baby hairs too. The reason is that baby hairs are much finer than normal hair, so putting too much heat on them can basically fry them. 

Overheating them will only cause those baby hairs to get damaged and even dryer. Frizzy hair is hard enough to deal with, and we certainly don’t want to have frizzy baby hair to deal with! If you’re going to use a hair dryer, it’s best to hold the baby hairs against your forehead, direct the nozzle of the dryer downwards, and then finish off the treatment on a low heat setting (or without the heat entirely), using colder air.

Water also works on stubborn baby hairs!


Sometimes the simplest approach to taming that short, flyaway hair is the best method. You might be able to find more success than you would with hair gel or hairspray by simply applying some good old-fashioned H2O! 

Simply apply, then brush those wet strands gently into position using a brush with soft bristles. And yes, you can use your toothbrush for this!

For the toughest baby hair, use styling creams

If water doesn’t cut it and you don’t have hairspray, then try out something with a little bit more hold, such as a pomade or hair paste. This is a good option, especially if your natural hair is thicker or curlier. 

Fighting frizz (or at least actively decreasing frizz) can be achieved with the right styling cream. And you don’t have to strictly fight against nature here. Baby hairs are natural, and so you might be able to use these styling creams to do more than tamp the baby hairs down, and instead incorporate something artistic into your look!

Prevention is key


Much of the reason for troublesome baby hairs stems from the fact that those hairs are damaged, dry, or both. You can do yourself wonders by making an effort to protect your hair for long term success. 

Try using a silk scarf while you sleep to help retain that much-needed moisture, and to keep from irritating the sensitive baby hairs. This will help prevent some of that frizziness and solve your problem before it begins!

And if you don’t have some of the products you need to take on this task, try Hera Beauty. They’ve got what you need, from hair bands and hair clips to hair straighteners to hair rollers and beyond! But remember our advice for hair straighteners: if you're going to use them, use the lowest heat setting to protect your hair from damage!